Seth Magaziner of Rhode Island on 3D Printing

Seth Magaziner In a recent interview by RI Public Radio, Bonus Q+A asked Seth Magaziner, Rhode Island candidate for general treasurer, if it was realistic to think that manufacturing jobs would come back to the extent that Rhode Island once had. He responded,
If you go down to the Jewelry district now and see the kinds of things that are being developed, in areas like 3D printing for example, that is a manufacturing opportunity that could be an explosion for this state and across the country.
I’m happy to see 3D printing enter the lexicon of political discussion in Rhode Island. Replacing the manufacturing core with service jobs is an old way of thinking that ignores the fact that manufacturing creates more value across the economy per dollar spent than any other sector.[ref] Capturing Domestic Competitive Advantage in Advanced Manufacturing, PCAST, July 2012[/ref] Current manufacturing that happens overseas is not going to come back any time soon. The opportunity exists, however, to embrace new manufacturing technologies that capitalize on local strengths like the design community. If we as a community choose to invest in direct digital manufacturing techniques like 3D Printing, we will fuel economic growth for the generation to come.

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