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October 2014

HP's 3D printer: the Untold Story

Tags: 3d printing

If you've mentioned the words Hewlett Packard and 3D printing to me in the last couple months, you likely prompted a mini-rant where I proclaimed that HP was developing a High Speed Sintering printer. When pressed on why, I pointed to unconfirmed rumors of a licensing deal from University of Loughborough1 and Meg Whitman's telling quote to CNBC that HP's 3D printing effort "has a lot of shared technology with…



July 2014

O Fiji

Travels in Fiji aided by my local guide, my sister Lindsay.…



July 2014

What might the future of 3D printing software look like?

I guest-wrote this post for my friends at 3Dagogo. A hearty congratulations on their successful Kickstarter! Eight years after the launch of RepRap and Fab@Home, 3D printing has reached the crescendo of hype. If declining stock prices of the 3D printing “bluechips”–namely Stratasys and 3D Systems–are any indication, January 2014 was the peak of inflated expectations; the industry now heads toward the trough of disillusionment. Only progress…



May 2014

Brown from the Sky

Check out my first quadcopter video! I filmed this with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Brown is using the video on a few recruitment channels alongside a John Krazinski video and a TED talk. More to come soon.…



April 2014

USPTO Additive Manufacturing Partnership Meeting

We had a great additive manufacturing partnership meeting today at the US Patent & Trademark Office. It was great fun working with Veronica Ewald and Gladys Corcoran from USPTO and my colleague Peter Harter to program the event. Here's the two best quotes of the day from the ever-entertaining Brett Lyons of Boeing: It's rapid prototyping not magic prototyping. We've had good luck so far--hahaha I mean no we've had…